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In the middle of the night, although the pair are asleep, a mysterious stranger breaks into the space, turns on the camcorder, and films themselves stroking Stephanie’s buttocks with a switchblade. The digicam then exhibits the killer, the girl from earlier sporting a porcelain mask, cleansing the blade even though she and Stephanie make out passionately, revealing that the lady was Stephanie’s lover. Sometime later, a unusual girl will come to Sam and Stephanie’s motel home and awkwardly tries to encourage Sam (off camera) to give her a trip someplace the next day. Lily carries on awkwardly coming on to Clint, but it is Shane who arrives on to her as a substitute. Lily appears responsive, pushing Shane onto his back again and then starting to undress Clint, seemingly beginning a threesome. Lily catches up to Clint, but instead of attacking, she attempts to execute fellatio. Moments later, Patrick bursts into the lavatory with a massive minimize on his hand, claiming that Lily little bit him.

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